We are located in craborchard WV just off I-77/64,to get to our location take exit 42 follow the signs for Rt16/97 south, also called Robert C Byrd drive, once you are on 16 south you will come to a stop lite go through the light,go 9/10 of a mile ,look right for the street sign that says Gray rd, turn right on Gray,go approx one block you will come to an intersection,turn left,thats elgin ave go to the top of the hill you will see a New river outfitters sign in yard turn right into parking area.

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If you need overnight lodging when coming to fish with us, we are located under 10 minutes from execellent hotels and restaraunts,these are located at exit 44(harper rd) of I-77.
Click here for our list of the best rated hotels in Beckley.



The West Virginia Department of Natural Resources handles fishing licenses. Click here or on their banner below for more information.

When to Come

Our season will usually start mid to late March. The best time for pre-spawn fish will be April through the first week of May, which is the absolute best time to catch a 5 pound + smallie.

After the spawn is over fishing will be excellent all through the summer up to the end of October. The best period for fly fishing will be early June through October. The New is without a doubt the finest river smallmouth fishery in the U.S. The number of fish found in the river and the high quality speak for itself. In addition to the excellent smallmouth fishing,the New is showing a big increase in the number of Native walleye,this is due primiarly to an aggressive reintroduction progran by our state dept of fish and game,these walleye are fast growers a fish can reach 18″ in two years currently an angler can keep two per day but they must be a minimun of 18″.


Reservations may be made via e-mail or telephone a $50 deposit is required for each boat reserved. Deposit can be by either by credit card or personal check. If by check, deposit must be received within one week of reservation request or your requested date may no longer be available please try to get the deposit to us as soon as possible. If your trip is cancelled by New River Outfitters due to unfishable water conditions we will either refund your deposit or reschedule your trip date. If you cannot make your trip date and must reschedule, your deposit will be intact. If you cannot make your trip or reschedule, your deposit will be refunded up to 7 days prior to your trip date. After 7 days the deposit will not be refunded. All payments made by credit card are charged a 2% processing fee.

What to Bring

We suggest that all guests call us at least 3 days prior to the trip date. We will inform you of projected weather and water condition. Try to bring only what you need to enjoy your trip (camera, extra clothes, raingear, sunblock). As for your selection of tackle, we suggest a 6′ med-lt to med spinning gear with no more than 10 lb line. We will let you know what to bring for lures.
All fishermen over the age of 15 must pocess a valid WV fishing license, thay can be purchased from a local agent,of the cam be purchased on line@ www.fishwv.com any questions that you may have about our service,trips, or fishing the New river in general please do not hesitate to contact us we will be more than happy to assist you.

E-mail us: Dewaun@suddenlink.net

Or Call:

304 255-4769

304 254-9587

304 890-1696

304 890-1691